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The Top 5 Must-haves for Seniors to Live Independently

01st November 2012
Ideally, we would all love to allow our senior loved ones to continue living in their beloved home, the repository of all their most treasured memories, instead of forcing them to live in a nursing facility. However, letting seniors live independently doe... Read >
Author: Stefanie Jeanne

Tips On How To Effectively Manage Nursing Home

09th February 2012
The true advantage of a properly managed nursing facility or whatever establishment will not be truly measured. It reflects the total outcome of the company, customer's satisfaction and employee retention. Properly and conscientiously managed businesses t... Read >
Author: Clivir Team

Medicare Cost Report

08th April 2010
Medicare is the Fed. health care insurance program which has been covering eligible folks who are sixty five years old or older since 1965. In addition, certain people with disabilities and those with end stage renal illness ( ESRD ) and Amyotrophic Late... Read >
Author: Jimmy Graham
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