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Why On Earth Get An Angel Tattoo?

12th September 2009
If you are considering getting a tattoo, you might consider an angel tattoo. They're not just fat little babies adorning Renaissance paintings. An angel tattoo is any figure or creature with a pair of wings (usually bird wings). Your angel tattoo can be n... Read >
Author: May Tan

Guardian Angels – Assigned For Protecting Everyone On Earth

20th May 2009
The existence of the guardian angels was recognized by the Christians in the early 5th century. Though there are many controversies regarding the real existence of these Guardian Angels, many people are experiencing the presence of these protectors in the... Read >
Author: Bob Miller

Tattoo Design Ideas

20th February 2009
Tattoos, Tattoos, Tattoos, they seem more popular than ever before, you can even look for tattoo design ideas online. But why would people want to permanently mark their skin. People choose to be tattooed for various reasons, cosmetic, religious and memor... Read >
Author: TonyB
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