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Dedicated To Jose Carreras

30th January 2012
An article about Jose Carreras, one of the loveliest voices to come out of the opera world and also a member of the now legendary “3 Tenors”. Josep Maria Carreras i Coll (AKA Jose Carreras) is a tenor, who in all frankness I had not heard of till the w... Read >
Author: Gianni Truvianni

Shake Your Hips To Jamaica’s Traditional Island Dances

19th June 2011
Music and dance are two elements of Jamaican culture that you should consider experiencing during your visit to the island. Many original dances in Jamaica are of African origin, and Jamaicans love to dance. The traditional dances of the island bear a str... Read >
Author: Jamaicaadventuresecrets

The Rich Tradition and History of Ascot Hats and Beanie Hats

28th April 2011
Ascot hats and Beanie hats are two special headpiece accessories that are both unusual yet stylish. These hats have a long heritage and colorful histories. If you want highly contrasting hats to show different sides of your personality, then you should ha... Read >
Author: hatsboutique12

A Short Information of Origami Airplanes.

27th October 2009
The history of paper airplanes has never really been established, but it is believed that the first piece of flying paper was probably a damaged piece of the first paper tossed away from the garbage. Paper is believed to have created with the Chinese arou... Read >
Author: Victor Torrealba
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