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4 main style of animations you can create

24th November 2014
In the current animation industry, there are 4 genres of animation you can appreciate. They are the flipbook animations, stop motion animations, 2D animations and 3D animations. Browse and watch these 4 types of animations so you can enjoy watching them b... Read >
Author: Nash Lin

what are the career options in animation/multimedia?

03rd August 2012
Multimedia & Animation is one of the fastest growing and high paying career options today. The demand for animators has increased greatly due to fast-paced developments in sectors like high-tech digital media and 3D animation. A university degree in Multi... Read >
Author: Gauri

3D Walkthrough - 3D Rendering - Advanced And Latest Techniques to Use.

12th January 2011
3D Rendering is the most used technique to make your Imagination in motion. 3D Character Animation is a well-known type for your 3D modeling Imagination to come Live from paper. In today's animation world 3D Character Animation and Photorealistic Renderin... Read >
Author: 3d Walkthrough

Scope of Animation Courses in India

16th August 2010
Animation means magic, entertainment, fun, and lots of creativity. Animation is basically a way to give life to still cartoon. Animation is both art and science. Science because we need to create an illusion by displaying some related and unrelated images... Read >
Author: Rajesh
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