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A Rough Guide For Adjusting The Playability Of Your Acoustic Guitar - Action and Truss Rod Adjustmen

30th September 2011
Guitar "action" just signifies how high the strings are above the twelfth fret, and a reasonably low action is important for any acoustic blues guitarists. If you like to perform several styles, then a medium action should be aimed for. Too low and the st... Read >
Author: Jim Bruce Guitar

Online Guitar Lessons Vs Private Guitar Lessons

07th January 2011
Everybody understands at their very own rate as well as in a method that is comfortable for them. This is correct whether a person is learning to drive, learning math, or learning how to play the guitar. In the following paragraphs I will examine various ... Read >
Author: Shelby Fuentes

The 5 Important Patterns of Guitar Scales and Arpeggios

16th September 2010
It is crucial to learn this scale in all 5 patterns, thereby bringing about the ability to play the scale in all areas of the guitar neck rather than just one. The first scale is master is the G Minor Pentatonic. After discovering the five patterns of thi... Read >
Author: Eddie Smith

Learn To Play Blues Guitar Like Eric Clapton

16th September 2010
It is not that easy to pull out a definition of blues. You can tell that Robert Jhonsons' Rambling on My Mind or B.B. King's Everyday I Have the Blues is definitely blues, but what about van Halen, Al Di Meola or Pavarotti's songs? Of course, you could... Read >
Author: Eddie Smith

How to Play Blues Guitar, Beating the Learning Curve

18th February 2010
Playing the blues is really a tiny bit different than playing classical, folk or pop guitar. While classical guitar music is written on a staff with music notes and pop uses both notes and chord symbols, blues music is really a special tablature employing... Read >
Author: Sarge23

Learn and Master Blues Guitar Spotlight Review with Steve Krenz

14th December 2009
Learn and Master Blues Guitar Spotlight with Steve Krenz is designed to be an "in depth, step by step, course in Blues Guitar Playing - the real nuts and bolts and not just a couple of Blues licks. You'll get what you need; the musical understanding, the ... Read >
Author: jmackinnon

Different Types of Acoustic Guitars

23rd June 2008
There are several kinds of guitars. The two main common ones are acoustic and electric. Within these two types of guitars lies different kinds of variations. The most common guitar that many people have in their house is the acoustic guitar. It is the ... Read >
Author: Author Unknown
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