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The Role of Women in Our Society

15th December 2011
Women are known as the ‘better half only because without them the family does not get formed. Therefore this apparently respectable looking caption has been given to them. But are they really ‘the better half? Not so, as it is so far as the Indian society... Read >
Author: Tintumon

You will Beat Any Opponent with Kobe Shoes' Help

20th January 2011
Kobe Bryant is a excellent player with super gifts both on the offensive and defensive sides that other players regard him as a strong opponent on the court. Only the Nike Kobe shoes can match Kobe's aggressive tough on the court. Kobe shoe is the greates... Read >
Author: qishao

Enjoying A Good Red Wine For Beginners

29th March 2010
The world of red wines is a heady, rich and wonderful world filled with everything from the nuanced subtlety of a gentle South African Merlot to the peppery richness of Sangre de Toro, "Blood of the Bull" from Spain. In general, many of the "rules" of win... Read >
Author: Hosea Charles

A Brief History of Byzantium - Silver, and More of Its Jewelry

30th July 2009
A preview: Starting with a quick story of how Byzantium began, I briefly chronicle the transfers in possession of the city. I share chain of events for Constantine's control and the city's fame, much of which came from the arts and fabricating pieces of j... Read >
Author: Timothy G Cochran

Harley Davidson Choppers - Advice About Waxing One

09th July 2009
It is time to think about wax coating, once you are satisfied with the condition of the paint of your Harley Davidson Choppers, now start the wax coating. Wax coating helps to preserve the paint as it contains some oils which decrease the rust or oxidatio... Read >
Author: Frederic Cash

Natural And Lasting Attraction Review

06th March 2009
Natural and Lasting Attraction by Christian Carter is one of the renown educational programs that teaches women how to understand men with the purpose to better relate to men. I want to give you a preview of Natural And Lasting Attraction program here. ... Read >
Author: Elaine

Cancer Survivors

22nd December 2006
If you or your loved ones have experienced the terrifying prognosis of cancer or another terminal illness, it may feel like a horrendous internal terror attack. Terror has many faces and forms. Today the word terror is associated with terrorist bombing or... Read >
Author: VanO
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