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Plant extracts industry promotes the process of Chinese medicine modernization

14th March 2012
Pharmaceuticals market is huge. But because of rarely innovation, the pharmaceutical industry needs to seek new direction of development. Chinese medicine has become one of exploring ways. The traditional Chinese medicine with thousands of year’s history ... Read >
Author: mhc007

Investment Opportunities with Condotels in the Philippines

06th May 2010
The buyers are investors in hotel-condos, a real estate product that combines the flexibility of ownership of a condo in ahotel setting. Popular in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, hotel-condos are just starting to pop up in the Philippines ... Read >
Author: Jaime Petersen

What is common to all sectors of International Business ?-Design

01st April 2006
Quality Inspection &Commitment For Innovative Design -Yes, The concept of Design with lots of innovative, creative new and updated ideas with blend of old and new ideas, mix of east and west trends is common in all sectors of business.The areas where ... Read >
Author: sowmya ramani
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