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Sauna Heaven- Experience the Ultimate in Relaxation

28th January 2009
Sauna heaven is not a myth when you understand 21st Century technology that goes into carbon-based saunas. Yes, you can own the best saunas for your home or spa. What separates saunas- their heaters. Many conventional saunas use metal or ceramic in the... Read >
Author: Stephen Luthy

Demarini Baseball Bat Review

05th December 2008
Demarini Baseball Bat Review Is Demarini the best Baseball Bat on the market? The 2009 line up of baseball bats may well be the best bats Demarini has ever made! Established in 1989 Demarini Bats, a sub-division of Wilson, is making a strong... Read >
Author: Rick's Bats and Gloves, ETC

Ping Golf Club Clones

11th June 2008
Do these golf club knock offs play like the real deal? Ping golf clubs are the best and Ping is one of the world's premier golfing brands. The originals are designed and engineered by Ping Golf. While they are some of the finest golf clubs on the plan... Read >
Author: James OBrien

Home Audio Speakers from Choice Select

20th February 2007
Looking for excellent sounding home audio speakers at reasonable prices? Have you ever tried Choice Select? Choice Select is a product line of speakers, accessories, and consumer electronic products. You'll find Choice Select speakers in numerous homes... Read >
Author: Skywalker
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