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Nurses: The Ultimate Professionals

17th January 2011
Professionals are individuals who through education have achieved a level of competence in their field and abide by the rules, regulations and standards of the industry in the practice of their business. Beyond this, however, the professional has inner st... Read >
Author: Sally Ryan

Hipaa Compliance

23rd September 2010
Hipaa Compliance In order to create a national standard for protecting the privacy of patients' personal health information (PHI), HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed into a law by the Privacy Rule of the Department of... Read >
Author: compliance

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Records Management Program

03rd April 2008
Government regulations specifying how information must be handled keep changing while the volumes of paperwork companies are managing keep increasing. In order to meet the challenges in this new environment, more and more organizations are reevaluating th... Read >
Author: Craig Abramson
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