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Watching Teddy Afro New Ethiopian Music Video

21st September 2010
You do not have to go to You Tube to get the latest videos on Teddy Afro new music. You can get any Ethiopian music video as well as the latest news from the country when you go to an online site that is devoted to Ethiopia and to all things Ethiopian. On... Read >
Author: articlelink01@gmail.com

Master Recording Ownership

04th March 2010
In the music scene, master recording ownership is one of the most controversial issues around. In fact, there have been a lot of debates as to the exact definition of master recording ownership. Should it be the artists', the managers', the producers', or... Read >
Author: Gen Wright

6 Key Things Required To Become A Singer

27th November 2009
Becoming a professional singer is never an easy task. Breaking into the music scene generally only happens two ways: through dumb luck or a lot of hard work. If you're looking for the key to how to make money singing, you do need to keep things in mind. H... Read >
Author: Nik Martin
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