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Beneficial NLP Training

17th May 2013
Neuro-linguistic programming also is known as NLP, is a group of techniques where you can understand as well as modify behavior patterns. Should you undergo learning NLP become familiar with how to identify negative behavior and conversation patterns and ... Read >
Author: Chris Martin

Improve Your Love Luck with Feng Shui!

21st September 2011
Are you uninterested in trying for love without success? If so, the layout, furnishings, and energy of your home and bedroom may be half of the problem. When the areas of your home affecting your love life are cluttered, missing from your floor plan, or f... Read >
Author: Sharlene Tamike

SEMCO: A case study in distributing organizational power, Part Two

07th January 2011
“Ricardo," the doctor told him gravely after three days of every conceivable medical test. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with you." His symptoms were the result of a serious case of stress. This diagnosis led to serious self-reflection about what ... Read >
Author: sandy

My Wife is Leaving Me ~ How can I change her mind?

21st July 2010
Whenever a long-term relationship breaks up, no matter who leaves or gets kicked to the curb, it's never just one person's fault, and it's never just one of you who is in pain. You know it's time to repair your relationship ~ before you lose each other fo... Read >
Author: Selena Reynolds

The importance of Self-Awareness

15th December 2009
What is self-awareness? This is unknown territory for many. In school we are seldom taught to do deep reflection. As we get older and become adults we get caught in the cycle of productivity and consumption. As a result self reflection becomes somethin... Read >
Author: craig nathanson

Muslim Traditions of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr

17th August 2009
What is Ramadan? Each year, the Muslim community around the world observes its most sacred holiday, Ramadan. The ninth month of the Muslim lunar year, it is a time of intensive worship, inner reflection, close connection to God, and obligatory fasting ... Read >
Author: Challah Connection
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