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Buying Property in Bermuda for Non-Residents

11th January 2012
Bermuda has undergone a lot of development since the beginning of the 20th century. Presently, it is an affluent country with advanced infrastructure and amenities, and it is one of the most important business centers in the Caribbean/Atlantic region. How... Read >
Author: John McMalcolm

Swiss Annuities Are Better Investment Options Than Other Investment Tools

08th August 2011
My name is Jim Truong, and here are the results of my research on Swiss annuities. Everyone in my classes has been asking me to look them up. I researched the information and found that the most credible sources are the Swiss Annuity Consumer Bureau and G... Read >
Author: kenyemmark mark

African Kenya beach Southern: Top African seashore hotels KenyaTiwi Village Beach Mombasa

23rd February 2011
Shimba rainforest Kenya resort lodgeThe Kenya south coast Mombasa lodge is located in the tropical forest of Shimba Hills. This is a Kenya National park hotel lodge built of indigenous wood resembling a tree-tops style. The Kenyan lodge has a walkway thro... Read >
Author: joanne

Gold Penny Stocks to Watch

09th November 2010
Gold Penny stocks to watch. Gold has become one of the best investments you can make today. Historically, investors have always turned to gold in a time of economic crisis. When the value of the dollar is plunging, the investment community rushes into gol... Read >
Author: Penny Stocks

Foreign Currency Restrictions in Vietnam

09th April 2010
Companies and residents in Vietnam are all subject to foreign currency restrictions placed by the government. While the Vietnamese dong is the country's official currency, U.S. dollars are widely-used as a more stable alternative to the fluctuating dom... Read >
Author: Dezan Shira & Associates

New York state income tax audit Q&A

12th February 2010
If you're a salaried employee and perform any work in New York state you are subject to New York state income tax. Executives and other highly compensated individuals are common targets for audit. The following addresses common questions by salaried emplo... Read >
Author: The Law Offices of Ronny Buni
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