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Why You Shouldn't Call Him When He Doesn't Call

27th July 2009
The fact that your relationship has ended in a breakup does not necessarily mean that your feelings for your ex have also died. You may still long to restore your broken relationship and start afresh. In such a situation, you may seriously consider pickin... Read >
Author: Chris J Roberts

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – He Is Not Picking Up The Phone

23rd July 2009
So, you are wondering how to get your ex boyfriend back. But you are facing a very serious problem now. Your boyfriend seems to be avoiding you like a plague. You called him several times but he simply refuses to pick up your phone call. He seems to b... Read >
Author: simon von

How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back If She Is Avoiding Me?

23rd July 2009
How to get my ex girlfriend back if I don't even have the chance to communicate with her? She seems to be avoiding me all the time. I called her, she didn't pick up the phone. I emailed her, she didn't reply. I test message her, she didn't reply eithe... Read >
Author: simon von

How to Send a Successful Online Dating Email

19th July 2009
Online dating has become enormously widespread and more and more folks are taking to it in the hope of finding their ideal partner. But communicating on the internet is much harder than it is face to face, because there's no visible cues to put things int... Read >
Author: Author Unknown

Safe and Secure Netiquitte Internet + Etiquitte = Netiquitte

18th June 2009
Netiquitte is the etiquitte and social rules for the Internet, especially e-mail. Many of the most common netiquette standards include: 1. Do not use "reply all" to send a reply that should go to only one person. This creates many e-mails, lots of tr... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer

Here's the inspiring history of Skagen Watches.

11th June 2009
Back in 1986 Henrik Jorst and Charlotte Kjolbye were introduced at a corporate party and wound up up falling in love. Shortly after, Carlsberg, Henrik's then employers transferred him to The Big Apple to manage their North American marketing operation. Be... Read >
Author: Marien Scholtz

Get An Ex Boyfriend Back By Playing Hard To Get

15th May 2009
Men often want what they can't have. While that may not be true for every man out there, it certainly is true for most men. This is why you have to play hard to get if you want to get an ex boyfriend back. Here are some ways to do just that: If you ... Read >
Author: Melissa Haworth

Marriage Break Up Due To World Of Warcraft

14th May 2009
I was surfing the net yesterday when I came across this on a dating forum. The thread was about a man whose marriage fell apart after his wife became addicted to playing popular online game World Of Warcraft 24/7... neglecting her kids and husband and not... Read >
Author: Melissa Haworth

Using Paid vs. FREE Online Classifieds

05th May 2009
Free Classified sites are okay, but they are not usually the best choice if you are posting a serious ad. If you pay nothing, chances are you'll get nothing in return. Too much open access can lead to trouble. The recent Craigslist killing is just one exa... Read >
Author: Stars Educational Consortium

A Team buyer explains how to team buy on the internet.

09th March 2009
The team buyer concept seems to have originated in China. Team buyers usually consist of groups of 4 or more friends, neighbors, co-workers, and or family. Groups of team buyers each elect a team captain to talk to the merchant that has the products that ... Read >
Author: Wabbster

Communication in Relationships

07th January 2009
Any relationship is incomplete without communication. Especially in case of women, proper communication technique leads to healthy relationship. Many a time's men don't understand needs of women. So, it's important to understand needs of women in form o... Read >
Author: yangguang01

Online Dating Etiquette for Men

06th January 2009
First, what is online dating etiquette? The dictionary definition of "etiquette" is "rules governing socially acceptable behavior." Based on this definition, online dating etiquette would be defined as "the rules governing socially acceptable behavior whe... Read >
Author: David Roy

Ex Ignores You - So How To Get My Ex Back?

01st December 2008
Ex Ignores You - So How To Get My Ex Back? Perhaps your ex ignores you. So, that is really a big problem. How am I suppose to get my ex back, when I don't even have a chance to talk to him/her. Well, I might have to ask you a few questions... Read >
Author: allanlimusa

How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back - 3 Things You Must Not Do To Stop Break Up

01st December 2008
How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back - 3 Things You Must Not Do To Stop Break Up How to get my ex boyfriend back when he is ignoring me? I have tried to call him many times but he didn't answer my call. I waited for his reply but didn't receive any.... Read >
Author: allanlimusa

How to Write an ODesk Cover Letter to Get Freelance Work

01st December 2008
There are thousands of ways you can ruin a cover letter and your chances of getting oDesk freelance work. Buyers/employers often have to weed through a list of 30 or 50 or 100 provider candidates. Every little detail that's off irritates the person who re... Read >
Author: Daryl James
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