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Dog's can detect cancer in humans!

20th August 2007
Dogs can detect cancer in humans! Yes the title says it all. Seem a little far fetched(no pun intended) for you? More and more stories of dogs sniffing out cancer in their owners are coming to light. Take for instance Steve Werner's story back in 2006. St... Read >
Author: avpsand

5 Unique Gifts From Japan

16th November 2006
Japan is well known for its unique items . Here some that can be used as special gifts for friends or family. Hidamari No Tami Hidamari No Tami ( meaning ?sunny people?) are members of the ?Nohohon Zoku? (meaning ?Nonchalant Family?) . It is very p... Read >
Author: Instant instantarticle

"Karate Kid!"

12th October 2005
A few weeks ago I was sitting on the couch flipping channels as I often do if I'm watching TV, there never seems to be anything on worth watching. There is a channel for everything except motivation and personal development; I can't wait to start my ow... Read >
Author: Brian Adams
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