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Funny Marriage Advice

23rd February 2009
A Little Humor Will Go A Long Way Using Marriage Advice That's Funnyhttp://www.marriageadvice.lastingadvice.com FUNNY MARRIAGE ADVICE may be one of the best ways to improve your marriage without offending your partner. As taking advice can be very difficu... Read >

Online Reservation System

21st January 2009
Most existing online booking systems are too complex - a simpler approach is much more suited for small and medium sized tour operators With more and more people looking to make savings on their holidays it is no wonder that they are turning to the inter... Read >
Author: Jacqui Q

Antique Golf Club Appraisal

04th December 2008
Before buying antique golf clubs, you must get into the habit of appraising it properly. Unfortunately, most of us at some time have had the experience of giving a club a simple once-over glance and then finding out after we've purchased it that it may no... Read >
Author: Joel Sherman

Get Rid of Cellulite Like the Stars With Cellulite Do

16th November 2008
It's of no surprise that there are numerous Hollywood stars with cellulite problems. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have had, and still do have, cellulite deposits on their body. Which stars have cellulite? Truth be told, we don't know. Why do... Read >
Author: Writingman1421

Company formation

30th August 2008
Company formation is a process that many do not wish to undergo due to how complicated it can become. From a glance, the process of company formation can seem simple and easy to complete, for some it may be a relatively easy process. However for many, it ... Read >
Author: Mike

How To Convince A Girl Into Accepting A Date

04th February 2008
You have just sported a girl that is beautiful and attractive. Your feelings cannot give you a break. She is too attractive to let go. You feel you desperately need to convince a girl and get a date but the fear of rejection is weighing heavily on you. Yo... Read >
Author: Francis K Githinji

Beating Adwords Scam | What they don't tell you...

22nd August 2007
Beating Adwords ScamYou're thinking of buying Beating Adwords. The burning question, Beating Adwords scam or not a scam and what are they not telling you about Beating Adwords because you know most Make Money Online Schemes are scams...The Scams for beati... Read >
Author: JD

Importance of Retail Market Research Reports

10th May 2007
Retail market research reports are detailed reports based on point of sale data collected from retail associations, they are essential to the retailers and the manufacturers. These reports facilitate the retailers to price their goods in lieu with the dem... Read >
Author: James Marriot


21st August 2006
Most people cannot resist a glance at their horoscopes when they open the daily paper or weekly magazine. Some, if they are in public at the time, try to do it somewhat surreptitiously, as if they are rather shy at other people noticing them. Other people... Read >
Author: Barry Hooper

9 steps 9 tips so you will always have the perfect outfit for every occasion

16th November 2005
Is your closet brimming with clothes yet somehow, you still have nothing suitable for the occasion? Looks like it is time to reorganize your wardrobe.What you don't see, you probably wouldn't wear. The perfect outfit for the occasion is hiding somewhere i... Read >
Author: Janice Wee
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