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Mapouka Dance

15th January 2010
Mapouka dance is the craziest words in all part of the worlds. The Mapouka dance is born from South West Africa in Ivory Coast in Dabou region. It was performed by the women of West Africa in the noble societies in southwest region. Mapouka dance was ca... Read >
Author: mohanchen

Dance Designer’s Choreo Score™ – New Dance Technology for Professional Choreographers

16th July 2009
For decades choreographers have been struggling to document and archive dance similar to the music industry using notation and a written score. There have been varying degrees of success to this approach. Until now, there has been no notation techn... Read >
Author: Choreopro

Dance Designer’s Choreo Notes™ – Dance Choreography Software

16th July 2009
Choreo Notes™ were developed because there was no standardized, practical, fast and easy notation format for the everyday working choreographer. Many choreographers make up their own shorthand and format for their daily notes. This can work ... Read >
Author: Choreopro

Pointe Shoes: A Revolution in Ballet

05th July 2009
Few fans of ballet appreciate the fact that the French Revolution was as much a turning point for modern dance as it was for history. From this point forward, ballet dancers abandoned heeled shoes and heavy costumes in favor of lighter, flat-soled slipper... Read >
Author: treakeric

Choreographers Benefit by Using Choreography Software

05th June 2009
If you have choreographed or remounted shows, you no doubt have experienced the frustration of relying solely on handwritten notes, videotaped performances and deciphering formations drawn on paper. Repeatedly rewinding the video, reviewing notes for each... Read >
Author: Choreopro
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