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Effective Treatments For Equine Sweet Itch

05th July 2011
Sweet Itch is a constant problem for many horse owners. Also know by various other names in different countries, Sweet Itch is a condition that results from an increased sensitivity and bodily reaction to insect bites. Hypersensitivity can result fr... Read >
Author: Peter Friswell

The Native Blooms Of Lithuania

16th July 2009
The native flowers of Lithuania carpet the gently rolling hills and plains of this tiny country on the southeastern coastline of the Baltic Sea. Their native beauty covers the tragic history of this tiny country which is engulfed in tradition. There are m... Read >
Author: Author Unknown

Dog First Aid: Dog Bites and Insect Stings

08th July 2009
Most dog bites occur around the neck, face, ears, and the upper chest area. And although most skin punctures from other canine teeth look simple and clean, there is often a considerable amount of damage through the flesh. Injuries, bites, or stings from i... Read >
Author: JonJG
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