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What to Do When Your Boyfriend Won't Commit? Here is What You Must Read Before It's Too Late

01st September 2010
Got a boyfriend that bolts like a dog after it sees a bath being readied when you talk about commitment? Then you will need to use these steps to make him happily stride towards the altar instead of trying to leash him forever. Visit an aunt's place fo... Read >
Author: Russell Jackson

Let Love Grow – 3 Ideas to Start a Good Relationship

19th July 2010
Have you met someone you really like, and you want to know how to let love grow? Have you had relationships before that fizzled out just when you were hoping to get serious? Would you like to avoid making the same mistakes again? New love is fragile, and ... Read >
Author: Tina Jones

Is it Really Human Nature to Cheat?

30th March 2010
Have you ever heard the argument that humans were never meant to be monogamous creatures? I bet there's part of you that wonders if the people saying this are on to something or if they are just trying to justify their own wandering ahem...eyes. Peo... Read >
Author: T Dub Jackson

Adultery: Adultery Statistics and Divorce

31st May 2007
Adultery statistics are hard to come by, especially honest and controlled statistics. According to the electronic article "Adultery: Statistics on Cheating Spouses," published by Eagle's Nest Publications, "60-70 percent of adultery victims are women" whi... Read >
Author: Stephany Alexander

Cheating Wife or Husband? Is Your Spouse Likely to Cheat?

04th November 2005
Infidelity is a common problem. In fact, cheating has been a problem throughout recorded history and across cultures. And all the evidence indicates that people struggle with monogamy. Despite our best intentions, close to 50% of all married partners w... Read >
Author: Timothy Cole
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