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Essential Features and Aspects of an ERP Software System

06th July 2011
Anerp software system integrates all the management functions of a business, including planning, production, inventory control, order processing, accounting, employees, profits and more. In order to ensure the smooth running of an organization, various eB... Read >
Author: Melville Jackson

On Board Diagnostics - OBD2

21st March 2011
Powertrain Command Module (PCM) performs the subsequent features in relation to:OBD II Diagnostics:Conduct micro-processor based mostly self diagnostics to assure appropriate operation of the PCM and protected storage of OBD II tools data in memory.Conduc... Read >
Author: Ethan Schultz

ITIL Service Management

02nd December 2010
Unlike the ISO which is very popular today, ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library, IT Infrastructure Library) was little known and barely known by most of the IT community, especially in Indonesia. ITIL is already lamapa introduced, which were born around the 8... Read >
Author: Tutang MM

Touch Screen Jukebox Software - Build or Optimize Your Jukebox

29th November 2010
Touch screen jukebox software facilitates easy management of media files on your existing jukebox or PC. How would it be to have your own personal jukebox? Or maybe turn your old computer into a first-class jukebox? If you manage a nightclub or restaurant... Read >
Author: sunyee

Touch Screen Jukebox Software for Commercial Jukeboxes

17th August 2010
Jukebox Jockey LLC, has released their latest version of their advanced jukebox software for commercial touch screen jukeboxes. With Jukebox Jockey Media Player Pro it's never been easier to create a world-class jukebox for any commercial use. Jukebox Joc... Read >
Author: Jukebox Jockey, LLC

How to Understand Logistics Management and How It Affects Your Business

26th May 2010
One of the most important keys to a company's success is logistics management. This means that when you are in business, you must have the proper staff in charge of your supply chain management functions whether you are using in-house people or outsourcin... Read >
Author: Southern Fulfillment

Management titles in business

22nd August 2005
Management is both art and science. It is the art of making people more effective than they would have been without you. The science is in how you do that. There are four basic pillars: plan, organize, direct, and monitor. Managers may direct workers... Read >
Author: Theodora Borissova
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