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Have a look for AIX UNIX Data Recovery and Apple Data Recovery

12th October 2012
Nowadays, Apple Macís OSX is the latest popular trend as an Operating System. Although BSD Unix based, its architecture and hardware are different from other computers and operating systems. When trying to compare laptopís from Dell or HP and an Apple Mac... Read >
Author: Hardley Thompson

Aquashield Announces Cutting Edge Breakthrough In Shark Deterrent Device.

22nd November 2009
In 2007 researchers at Aquashield began working on an integrated bio-electric safety system in the hopes of decreasing hazards for people that were at risk of shark attack in the open water. Durring this research it was found that Sharks are literally wir... Read >
Author: Patrick Ward

Electric Light Bulb - The Source Of Modern Day Electronics

13th March 2009
Unless you live in the Hurricane Belt or Tornado Alley of the United States and have experienced lengthy periods without electricity, chances are you've been taking the luxury of artificial lighting for granted. The electric light bulb seems to be a bo... Read >
Author: joalesto

The Role of Rhythm Strips for Interpreting EKGs

22nd August 2005
Each time the heart beats it emits electrical currents. An electrocardiogram (EKG) is a method in which electrodes are attached at various points on the body. These electrodes are attached to wires that are attached to the EKG machine. The electrodes send... Read >
Author: Damian Sofsian
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