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The Dreaded Appraisal

31st March 2011
It is common for businesses to carry out their annual performance appraisal process around this time of year. However, all too often the process feels like a burden and a waste of time. Managers dislike the time it takes to meet individually with each of ... Read >
Author: KateRussell

Muscle Memory after Pregnancy

08th December 2010
Recent research on the ability to get back into shape after pregnancy highlights key brain components called "muscle memory" that make it easier for some than others. First recognized in previously fit individuals recovering from a severe accident where t... Read >
Author: Hamilton Erridge

Quick Tips on Coaching Employees for Improved Performance

20th September 2005
As supervisors, we often are working with potential and need to assure that employees have the skills to poise them for success. Many of these skills can be improved with simple coaching sessions. Consider: What are their career goals? What short term... Read >
Author: Karen Sieczka
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