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Feedwater Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide Generator ClO2 Dosing System proves a cut above the rest.

23rd August 2011
Over the past few years Feedwater’s patented Activ-Ox system has gone on to be a market leader in the safe and efficient generation of chlorine dioxide for many years now. With the launch of the Activ-Ox 2000 Compact dosing system Feedwater claimed to hav... Read >
Author: Rock Style

The Different Types Of Sanitary Floor Drains

05th May 2011
Sanitation is absolutely pertinent in all kinds of work fields. The first place that comes to mind where sanitary floor drains are utilized is restaurants and rightly so. Current plumbing and building codes require safe handling of food in not only said r... Read >
Author: Alexander Sutton

Major Brewery vs Microbrewery

17th March 2009
For the last couple of decades in the US, there has been a movement or revolution within the beer industry. Could this revolution be the beginning of the end for the Major Breweries and their "favorite" brews? Are beer sales going up or down in today's ec... Read >
Author: Whizzer01
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