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Counter strategies - malicious prosecution, groundless threats, cancellation and revocation of plain

08th February 2010
With the advent of India as an important emerging market for global players, protection of trademarks, patents and designs for their goods and services has become a very vital issue. Increasingly, IPR stake holders are finding it necessary to enforce thei... Read >
Author: Mohen Dewan

American Lawyers in Thailand (foreign licensing issues)

01st June 2009
Due to the fact that Bangkok, Thailand is an epicenter of global trade it can become necessary from time to time to employ a legal adviser in order to assist with complicated and sometimes downright byzantine legal issues. This is particularly true where ... Read >
Author: Benjamin W. Hart, Esq.

EAN (European Article Number) Barcode

17th January 2009
EAN stands for European Article Number, a popular code standard similar to the Universal Product Code number (UPC) used in America, but popularly adopted because of its derived symbolism, also adopted by the Japanese Article Number code (JAN). EAN, JAN... Read >
Author: Brian
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