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How to Write a Security Business Proposal

27th January 2012
Are you an expert in the field of security? That category can include a lot of different businesses - everything from providing bodyguard services to designing software security programs to selling and installing burglar alarms and security cameras. Yo... Read >
Author: Ian Lauder

Locksmith Services and their Evolution

11th October 2011
The most common purpose of calling up a locksmith is for making locks and keys. The locksmith services have evolved so much that their range of services has become an exhaustive list. You avail the locksmith services for many reasons and they have become ... Read >
Author: Locksmith

Title: Infrared Proximity Detection with PSoC

26th June 2009
Introduction Infrared sensors are light sensors, which are active and function in the infrared part of the frequency spectrum. They primarily consist of an infrared emitter and an infrared receiver. They are found in many object detection applications ... Read >
Author: Cypress Semi
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