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Builders Tips - Flat Roof Repair

23rd December 2010
Repairing flat roofs By their very nature, flat roofs tend to present more troubles than pitched ones. Although they should have been built with a slight fall to allow water to run off, pools of water tend to form on the surface. The wide variation in te... Read >
Author: Smithy

Dental Implant Scams and Frauds

02nd July 2010
When searching for low cost dental implants, you should be aware of dental implant fraud. For example, a prospective dental implant patient may see advertisements on television, radio or in their newspaper promising free dental implants. While this may se... Read >
Author: articlemarketing01@gmail.com

History of Official NFL Jerseys

18th June 2010
History of Official NFL Jerseys In 1920, able baseball was accustomed top antecedence throughout America in allegory to able football. But in the contempo years due to the access acceptance of NFL sports as actuality empiric and beheld by millions... Read >
Author: weiwei

Snappy abutment by Nobel Biocare

01st April 2010
Snappy abutments 4.0 and 5.5 - the ideal abutment for posterior restorations is now available with two abutment heights. Nobel Biocare is pleased to announce the expansion of the popular Snappy abutment product portfolio with the addition of taller a... Read >
Author: Kai Klimek, PhD

Strains recorded in a combined tooth-implant restoration: An in-vivo study

05th June 2007
Strains recorded in a combined tooth-implant restoration: An in-vivo study Zeev Ormianer, DMD (Instructor)1 Tamar Brosh, PhD (Senior Clinical Lecturer)1 Ben-Zion Laufer, DMD2 Arie Shifman, DMD (Senior Clinical Lecturer)1 1Department of Prosthodont... Read >
Author: tzachi
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