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Ancient Poems

21st June 2010
Ancient poetry has always been meaningful to me. The perspective from which the ancients saw the world and expressed that fascination through poetry is so different from the way people view the world today. In today's world, of technology and science, eve... Read >
Author: BenMester

Left Handed People is in Greater Risk at the Workplace

23rd December 2009
When people realize you are left-handed they connect it with imagination and achievement. In America the amount of people who are left-handed is minimal, around 10%, but in the past 100 years nearly half of its presidents, and some of the world's greatest... Read >
Author: Michiel Van Kets

Philippine Literature – A Brief History

30th August 2009
Philippine is a country rich in diversity and language heritage. Even before Spanish colonization, its literature had evolved tremendously. Some of the notable literatures are a general reflection of the influence exerted by Spaniards during the colonizat... Read >
Author: Francis Murphy

Inshoring & Offshore Outsourcing of IT Projects

16th March 2009
Recent studies show the trends of inshoring have emerged in some parts of the developing nations for the many reasons. To save money cost effectively is the main motive of every outsourcer. Cost reducing factor is the main reason for large and small compa... Read >
Author: ashein

Graphology at Home - Lesson 14d - the Letters D and E

08th September 2008
Graphological analysis of the letters d and e D • The simple letter (d) with an arc at the right shows taste. The writer has a flair for the finer things of life. Try writing this letter. You will feel the grace of it. • The letter, w... Read >
Author: careertest.ws
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