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The Real Man behind Boardwalk Empire's Commodore

25th November 2010
Commodore Louis Kaestner in HBO's hit show Boardwalk Empire is in fact based on Louis Kuehnle and as it's implied in the show, the Commodore was an influential figure in Atlantic City politics. The character appears to be a close approximation to Kuehnle.... Read >
Author: Conor Cullen

Why Painting Brake Calipers Is Awesome

11th June 2010
Painting Brake calipers can really make a set of rims look good. Not to mention make a whole vehicle look great. When it comes to painting brake calipers, there are a butt load of different ways to go about doing it. With so many people creating new ways ... Read >
Author: cwebbatya

1950s Music - Elvis and Sinatra and Their Ability to Provide That Essential "Lift" to Our Spirits

10th November 2008
The music made for the new albums market in the 1950s was altogether different from that produced for the singles market. As far as the record companies were concerned, singles were predominantly for teenagers and children. They also catered to the tastes... Read >
Author: Ronnie Slade
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