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About Singapore Permanent Residency

27th September 2011
Am I eligible to apply for a permanent residence status in Singapore? This page will help you answer this question because we will provide necessary information related to the application for Permanent Residence. Who are eligible?• Spouse and unmarri... Read >
Author: Shayne

All About Singapore Employment Pass Application

28th February 2011
The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a visa issued to foreign entrepreneurs, shareholders, and managing directors in order to allow them to setup and personally manage their business in the country. However, EP can also serve as a work visa given to supe... Read >
Author: lanceferer02

Things To Know: Executive Headhunter, Singapore

18th January 2011
Singapore's low employment rate and its high living standard reflect the high quality working conditions prevalent in the island nation. Salaries in Singapore for top and middle level executives are among the most competitive salaries offered in Asia. Acc... Read >
Author: Melville Jackson

Types of Employment Pass In Singapore

17th January 2011
If you are planning to put up a business in Singapore or just live and work there, it is important to consider some legal factors to make your stay a legit one.There are many choices for what should be the employment pass you need to get for you and your ... Read >
Author: asiabiz

Singapore Encourages Citizens to Have More Babies

02nd September 2010
With Singapore’s low birth rate and aging population, the government is launching a campaign that would promote dating among singles. According to the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) officials, they will need a communications ag... Read >
Author: Rikvin
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