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Vedic-puranic proto-Sanskrit : as deciphered in the Indus script / Sambhu Nath Mondal

22nd February 2011
The exciting discoveries of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa in the 1920s established, incontrovertibly, the existence of a highly developed civilization – the Indus Valley civilization, during the 4th and 3rd millennium before Christ’s birth. Yet, sadly, there i... Read >
Author: A. Mittal

Regal Angelfish Care

11th March 2010
The Regal Angel is considered by a quantity of enthusiasts for being one of the most exquisite large angelfish in the industry. It definitely also one of the hardest to house in captivity. The scientific designation given to this beauty is Pygoplites D... Read >
Author: Indy

Chanel Online Stores: Exclusive Variety for All Occasions

16th October 2009
Chanel, a popular name among fashion accessories has a wide range of products to satisfy different customers all over the world. A bit of research work will help the fashion lovers to find the exact item online as the quality products are available on var... Read >
Author: nicesonu
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