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How To Match Pearl Jewelry To Your Attire And Skin Color

05th October 2010
Pearl jewelry will allow the total look if you are able to decide on the most suited variety pf pearl jewelry for yourself. This article presents very valuable guidelines on harmonizing pearl jewelry to outfit and skin tone. When you match your pearl j... Read >
Author: Rheicy

3 Top Ways to Make Your Bust Smaller in Appearance

29th September 2010
For women who have excessively huge breasts, it is a big deal for them to make their breasts appear smaller because they feel uncomfortable with the unwanted attention brought by carrying huge breasts. Having large breasts can also interfere with the norm... Read >
Author: Gerry Restrivera

Emergency Things You Should Bring Along During An Emergency Evacuation

06th August 2010
Even without browsing a survival guide, you might have been hearing a great deal about emergency kits and bug out bags lately. The truth is, the more news of accidents and calamities happening all over the world, the more people are finding out about thes... Read >
Author: John Jones

The History of Hats During the Early 1900s

26th August 2007
After 1900, women's hats underwent a period of design known as "Edwardian," which accompanied the latest fashions of long skirts that fell to the feet of wearers. Just as the dresses flowed to the floor, hats of the time also aimed to swoop and encompass ... Read >
Author: MaryLu
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