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Antique Boxes: The Different Types of Collectible Boxes for Collectors

14th February 2011
When people look at antique boxes, they are reminded about different things. There are people who associate these with adventure and hidden treasures, others think about precious jewels, others get a feeling of nostalgia, and some romantic ladies canít he... Read >
Author: Wayne

Orient and Flume Art Glass - Their Rich History

03rd March 2009
Orient & Flume is renowned for creating beautiful art glass paperweights and vases. But how many collectors know of the company's history? Orient & Flume was founded in 1972 by glass artist Douglas Boyd. The company was named for its location between O... Read >
Author: Anton Fischer

Is It Illegal To Own Gold in USA

06th February 2008
In 1974 President Gerald Ford lifted a forty year ban where it was illegal to own hoards of gold. This ban was put in place by Franklin D. Rossevelt in 1933.People were able to buy gold and trade gold as a commodity. After the great depression is when ... Read >
Author: Author Unknown
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