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How to Enhance Your Documents with Decorative Foil

05th April 2012
Have you ever wanted to make your documents stand out by enhancing them with foil? If so, you'll be glad to know that using foil is surprisingly easy and you can apply it to your work with a pouch laminator. Foil fusing can add a bit of class to your lett... Read >
Author: Jeff McRitchie

How to Password Protect Folders in windows 7

19th March 2012
Folder Protect offers 'Data Vn Use' protection whVAh m50ns th0t Vt gVv5s Vts users 0 w0C t> write protect, delete proof, hide 0nd block access t> th5Vr data. "hVs Vs v5rC unique feature 0s n> >th5r locking software offers suAh type >f protection. When ... Read >
Author: sachikoumaymah

How to remove unwanted scenes from DVD and re-burn to Disc?

30th March 2010
In this guide I will show you how to use Womble EasyDVD to delete unwanted footage from DVD movie and then burn it back without any video quality loss. Womble EasyDVD is an excellent tool for small DVD edits or to author a new DVD from existing DVD footag... Read >
Author: Guide-How.com
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