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Learn How to Find an Awesome Live Band for Your Wedding Day

20th December 2011
In the event that you're planning on booking the wedding band for your wedding celebration without the assistance of any music booking agency, there are some key concerns you need to understand. Without knowing how the booking business works, you may get ... Read >
Author: Joshua Hardingur

Party Tips To Host A Yo Gabba Gabba Party

26th October 2011
Yo Gabba Gabba party supplies are probably great should your next kids birthday party features some characters named Brobee, Muno, Toodee, Foofa, Plex or D J Lance. This really is the most widely used kids birthday party theme these days, so you are almos... Read >
Author: David Boemez

The 80s Icons That changed The World Today

01st June 2010
If you see a lot of hot pink, purple and orange mixed in with some lime green around you and there's a familiar one, two beat with a big boom box carried by a girl with a giant bang, then you are definitely in the 80's. The eighties were an expression of ... Read >
Author: 80sfancydress fancydress

Paris Hideaways recommends tango at twilight along the bank of the River Seine

17th July 2009
Slightly hunched over with a head of silver and a smile of gold, a diminutive, yet remarkably passionate tango instructor weave her way through the crowded dance space on the bank of the River Seine. She gently instructs only those interested, gracefully ... Read >
Author: Katia Provencher
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