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Rare Earth Magnets For Improved Health

11th April 2011
Rare earth magnets provide a number of advantages apart from their use in mechanical industries. These magnets have also been studied for their health benefits, especially since the use of magnets by most civilizations for health and other purposes are ev... Read >
Author: Marie Winston

What You Can Do With Magnet Lifters?

05th August 2010
Have you heard about magnet lifters? It is useful to most industrial companies to lift heavy loads. They are money saving lifting tools. Rare earth magnet lifters come in different sizes, textures and application. The permanent magnet can lift up to 2,200... Read >
Author: Rudy Silva

Rare earth element

14th July 2010
Discovery and early history Rare earth elements became known to the world with the discovery of the black mineral ytterbite (also known as gadolinite) by Lieutenant Carl Axel Arrhenius in the year 1787, in a quarry in the village of Ytterby, Sweden. Many... Read >
Author: athstreh

Do You Know What Rare Earth Magnets Do?

05th May 2010
Rare earth magnets have many uses. They have many applications. It reduces physical stresses. This magnet gives headache relief. They are use as medical alternatives. Neodymium has no side effects. Read this article for magnet information. The rare ear... Read >
Author: Rudy Silva

Are You Using Neodymium Magnets In Your Products?

24th March 2010
Do you know what Neodymium magnets are? Do you know what they are used for? Could you use these magnets in your business? It has many industrial uses. These magnets have some unusual properties. Do you want to know about them? This article has many detail... Read >
Author: Rudy Silva
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