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Things you should know about Crown Moulding

28th March 2012
Moulding" is a word that can have several different definitions. Generally it's thought of as a kind of structural embellishment or decoration that's seen inside a house, but it can extend to the actual process of creating something with a mold. Mouldi... Read >
Author: thebrightseo

Tree Wall Decals for Kids Rooms

21st June 2011
As eco-conscious trends permeate interior design, it is easy to see how tree wall decals for a baby’s room are a result of this trend. Not only do tree wall decals remind us of the importance of protecting the future for our little ones, but they are also... Read >
Author: Amit Kothiyal

Imaginative Ways to Enhance a Dining Room With Wainscoting

12th May 2010
Wainscoting is a great way to make any room in your home look more elegant. While originally created to protect the bottom of the walls, and now used for decoration in many homes. High Wainscoting Higher average Wainscoting usually in the range 3-5 ... Read >
Author: umar

How to Make a Bead Board

12th May 2010
There is a perfect way to dress is boring room with the Council of grain. Bead board wall decoration is a feature that is usually installed on the bottom of the walls in every room of the high chair rail. The main advantage of the vertical channels are di... Read >
Author: umar

Georgian Interior Design - Traditional or Modern Elegance

20th July 2008
Whether you have a Georgian period home, or just want a relaxed and elegant feel in your more modern home, a Georgian interior design style is bound to be top of your list. Georgian design concentrates on simplicity, beauty and proportion. This makes i... Read >
Author: Charlylou
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