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Email Harassment - What To Do

13th October 2008
If you have ever had the experience of going to your email box and found an unwelcome email you'll agree that it can really spoil your day. Email harassment can run a very broad range of degrees. From mildly annoying to terrifyingly dangerous. You should ... Read >
Author: Ed Opperman

How To Stay Safe At Traffic Lights

16th September 2008
Traffic lights control busy junctions. They ease traffic flow by switching priorities in sequence, allowing vehicles from one direction to flow freely while vehicles from another direction are kept stationary. When driving towards a junction controlled by... Read >
Author: viddy55

Letter To Ex Boyfriend Asking To Get Back With Him - Will I Get Back With My Ex Boyfriend

22nd July 2008
Will a letter to my ex boyfriend help me to get back together with him? Or will it make the situation worse? Well, it really depends on several factors. The first thing we want to look at is you boyfriend's intention. If he secretly want to get back t... Read >
Author: Allan Lim

How To Get A Girlfriend Back After Break Up – Get Girlfriend Back Together With Me

22nd July 2008
Is it possible to get my girlfriend back together with me after a break up? She has been ignoring me. Every time I called her, she just refused to pick up the phone. I thought she didn't want to talk to me, so I thought she will at least be willing to rep... Read >
Author: Allan Lim

Getting My Ex Back - Getting Back Your Ex Is Impossible Unless

26th June 2008
"Is getting my ex back a difficult task? What do I need to do to get my ex back? Will I get back with my ex?" Well, personally, I believe that getting back your ex is impossible unless you know what are the mistakes to avoid. This is because making the... Read >
Author: Allan Lim

How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back - Getting Ex Back Without Ruining Your Chances

20th June 2008
Do you feel troubled by this question, "How to get my ex girlfriend back? She has not answered any of my call? She did not even bother to reply my text messages. Have I done something wrong?" Well, what is described above is not an uncommon scenario. So, ... Read >
Author: Allan Lim

Coaching Skills Training: Key Skills: Asking Probing Questions

19th June 2008
Asking questions is essentially the way that we can help the people we coach to find their own solutions in their own way. Asking a question honours the other person's knowledge and experience whereas giving an instruction ignores them. A probing question... Read >
Author: Matt Somers

Drop Your Fears! Talk Back to the Bully!

11th February 2008
Are you having trouble talking back to that bully? She says something mean, and you're tongue-tied?"Since when do you pull your weight around here?" she says.Since ALWAYS you stupid jerk! I do ALL the work around here! You think it, but don't dare say it.... Read >
Author: Abbey Whitehall

How To Use Hypnotic Alien Technology To Amplify What Your Brain Can Do

22nd January 2007
We watched a couple of old episodes of the X-Files this weekend. One episode included aliens who could make themselves feel any emotion or sensation due to certain thoughts they had. This enabled them to seem more human (in the eyes of other humans) and h... Read >
Author: Adam Eason

50 Ways to Pop the Question

31st August 2006
This is one of the most important questions you will ever ask, or maybe answer, and there are many different, unusual and sometimes romantic ways to propose. Here are 50 suggestions for you. 1. Do it the old fashioned way. Get down on one knee with a r... Read >
Author: Sheeba Butt

Why are you moving jobs?

03rd August 2006
What are your reasons for moving jobs? You would be amazed how many people can not answer this question clearly or quickly. There are many reasons why you should be absolutely certain.Many years ago, I interviewed a good candidate. The interview was going... Read >
Author: Steve Butler

Is Online Dating Effective?

25th July 2006
Online Dating is not a last resort for social misfits. It is an excellent tool for those who lead busy lives, deal with a lot of shyness issues, or just want to expand their horizons. First you should decide what you main objective is for dating onlin... Read >
Author: T J Madigan

The Fretboard Master

23rd October 2005
Having been a guitar player for over 20 years, I am often amazed at the number of guitarists that have never taken the time to learn the notes on their fretboard. I have met guitar players that gig on a regular basis, and yet are unable to find a C# on th... Read >
Author: Peter Jones
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