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The rituals of a Kannada Wedding

09th January 2009
Unlike all other Indian weddings, which are celebrated in a very elaborate manner, Kannada Weddings are a comparatively simple yet joyful affair. It is important to consider that there are different communities in Karnataka and there are some differences ... Read >
Author: Jharna Bhatnagar

Romantic Wedding at the Most Romantic Venue in New York

10th November 2008
One of the most romantic wedding venues in the United States may be found in one of the largest cities in the world - New York City. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden may be the perfect place to wear your Brooklyn bridal gown for that romantic wedding you've en... Read >
Author: Cherry B

Gourmet Desserts for Dinner Parties

20th July 2007
Whether at holiday get-togethers, formal office parties, or birthday bashes, the savvy host knows that even the most elaborate meal is not complete without the final touch of a scrumptious dessert. These days, the simple desserts of the past have given wa... Read >
Author: Christopher Pratt
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