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Are You A Control Drama King or Queen?

01st September 2006
What is a Control Drama? A control drama is a way or technique that people use to try to get what they want which is often causes conflict and is usually learned or developed unconsciously. Although the ways that the people are using control dramas may ap... Read >
Author: Cucan Pemo

Guilt : Destroying Love And Relationships

16th June 2006
Guilt Destroying Love and Relationships When the mind allows guilt to take over, it will tear down relationships, especially if the partner fails to come to terms and agreement with oneself. To determine if your mind is full of guilt you must ask your ... Read >
Author: John Foley

How Do You Know If Someone Has a Passive Aggressive Behaviour?

12th March 2006
Passive aggressive behavior occurs when someone uses an indirect or subtle means of expressing their anger or hostility. An aggressive person might respond in an argument by displaying a violent temper and perhaps even physical violence. Someone who is pa... Read >
Author: Nora Femenia

Ten steps for making a major life change

24th February 2006
Human beings are creatures of habit. No wonder it's so tough to make a major life change! But it can be done if we're willing to take consistent and decisive action. Follow these steps to get your change in motion, one easy step at a time: 1. Identify ... Read >
Author: Steve Davis
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