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Vastu Doctrines

16th February 2011
In this hi-tech age of cellular phones and cyberspace, the seemingly superstitious doctrines of Vastu sound ridiculous. It is easy to disbelieve such rules as: Sleep with your head towards South. A person who vehemently opposes such prescriptions may be g... Read >
Author: allindian

Rewriting Reformation History and Chuck Swindoll

15th July 2008
Chuck Swindoll, in his defining work, The Grace Awakening, believes he is wielding "the torch of freedom" as formerly held by protestant Reformers such as Martin Luther. In this Swindoll leads his readers to think that by following him and his Grace Awake... Read >
Author: Ed Vortek

The Law of Expectation

20th September 2007
From my experience, I have noticed that many of us are just too wimpy with our expectations of what we want from the universe. For most of us, we just take what is handed out. Knowing you have what you want is the fastest way to experience what you desire... Read >
Author: Roy Klienwachter
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