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Smart or Just Lazy?

08th November 2012
Consider what a grass litter box does for your dog. It gives convenience of potty time and they can easily take care of their business whenever they need to. After all, when you’ve got to go- you’ve got to go. So, why deny them that opportunity. We humans... Read >
Author: Maria Elena

Future Advancements in Sealing Technology with a Focus on O-Rings

03rd November 2010
Almost all types of O-ring seal designs today are based on the toroidal geometry patented by Neils Christensen. This seal, which was primarily utilized in military applications, gradually found its place in the hydraulic sector, and is today used in almos... Read >
Author: Ron Bargman

Vessel style bathroom sinks

05th January 2009
The vessel style bathroom sinks, originating from the basic idea of the traditional style wash basins that people had in their bath area in the pre-indoor plumbing days, have evolved greatly to become the most stunning of sinks in the modern-day markets. ... Read >
Author: zolicorp
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