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Explanation of Foreign Aid

13th December 2011
In addition to export earnings and private foreign direct and portfolio investment, the final two major sources of LDC foreign exchange are public (official) bilateral and multilateral development assistance and private (unofficial) assistance provided by... Read >
Author: Rashid Javed

Tourism Law of Fiji

22nd June 2011
The economic backbone of Fiji relies heavily on tourism and sugar industry; these two industries are also responsible for their foreign currency. Tourism law in Fiji is eclectic and it is divided into two parts. First, the general law which often apply to... Read >
Author: munroleyslaw

Why The Customer Is Always Right?

12th June 2009
"The customer is always right." Surely, the above statement ranks as one of the most overused sentences in the history of commercial transactions. Whether it is an old lady in a fast food chain requesting non-fat mayo for her Big Mac, or a man who want... Read >
Author: dsmpublishing
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