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Documentation: Boost efficiencies with the help of ancillary staff

20th April 2011
Every physician should own up to a patient's history of present illness. Ancillary staff such as registered nurses and licensed practical nurses can be handy in documenting the history for an evaluation & management encounter; however not past the ROS... Read >
Author: Erin Lang Masercola

Presenting Market Research Study Results: Setting the Stage for Success

11th March 2010
You have spent months executing a killer market research study - collecting research insights that have the potential to have a real impact on your organization's success. Now it's time to present your market research findings to the colleagues who will a... Read >
Author: Research Rockstar

Encouraging Inspirational Bible Verses- Wow these are good!

12th June 2009
Today is a new day. A new day. A new day. A new day! I made sure to mention "A new day" emphatically because very often we get stuck on the past worrying about what we could havd done better, and what we would have done better had we been given another... Read >
Author: QuinsonThomas
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