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The Advantage of Using the Safaricom Postpaid service

15th September 2010
When corporate and individual communication needs are well catered, the efforts of availing the services are in fact rewarded. You will not want interruption in the network or a high tariff or no-credit disadvantage or a no-network nuisance! Safaricom rev... Read >
Author: steily william

Mobile Phone, development history and culture

09th August 2010
The Mobile phone is one of the most applied parts of equipment today. The concept of using hexagonal cells for mobile phone base stations was invented in 1947 by Bell Labs engineers at AT&T and was further developed by Bell Labs during the 1960s. Radiopho... Read >
Author: dreviewx

Different Types of SMS Messages

10th March 2009
SMS or text messaging is a popular means of communication using a mobile phone. It has similarities with the paging service. The only difference is that text messages can be sent even if the receiver is out of coverage area or the mobile phone is off. It ... Read >
Author: Urmann

Direct TV Installation Process

06th March 2007
Many Direct TV subscribers perform self-installation for the Direct TV System. The three components make up the basic intallation process. The Direct TV Satellite Dish must be mounted to the subscriber's rooftop, cables must be connected to receive transm... Read >
Author: Kaptain
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