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How to Ensure you get the Perfect Wedding Photos

25th June 2012
Although the memories of your wedding last long in the mind, photographs of the big day can jolt you into reminiscing about forgotten, but none the less poignant memories. But how can you guarantee that you will capture all the important moments, as well ... Read >
Author: Gemma Halliwell

Samsung And LG 55-Inch 3D TVs - A Comparison Review

21st March 2012
When LG announced its Infinia 55LW6500 55-Inch Cinema 3D HDTV and included four pairs of passive 3D glasses, one had to figure that this new large-screen high-definition television was going to be just another one of the large crowd of passive-eyeglass 3D... Read >
Author: Roberto Sedycias

Attractive Places Around Pune

22nd December 2009
Pune, the educational and cultural capital of Maharashtra is blessed with great natural beauty and pleasant climate. It is located amidst small undulating hills coupled with meandering rivers and picturesque backwaters. Thus, there are numerous places of ... Read >
Author: Jyotikajoe

Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens: the Beauty of Hong Kong’s Bio-Diversity

29th July 2009
Located on one of Hong Kong's highest vantage points atop the Lam Tsuen Valley, Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens is an important centre for the protection of Southern China's Biodiversity and the development of sustainable agriculture. The farm was ini... Read >
Author: Pushpitha Wijesinghe

Edinburgh - Top 10 Attractions

16th January 2009
The medieval city of Edinburgh has a wealth of things to see and do. To plan your perfect holiday, check out our list of the top 10 attractions and places well worth visiting in Edinburgh. Edinburgh's Top 10 Attractions The first and most obvious ... Read >
Author: Mairead Foley

Time Management Techniques - Overcome Barriers to Communication as People Panic 9 Tips to Protect

11th February 2008
Time management skills depend on your ability to follow through on your planning with concrete actions. But all too often, strong personalities may place sudden demands upon you. What do you do when your colleagues confront you with 'surprise' deadlines o... Read >
Author: Paula Eder, PhD

Angelina Gualdoni Biography and her Art work

21st May 2007
Angelina Gualdoni was born on 1977 in San Francisco, California, Lives and works in Chicago and New York. Angelina Gualdoni's richly nuanced paintings, six of which made up her impressive solo debut "Demo," explore notions of progress and decline by prese... Read >
Author: Sandeep Tyagi
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