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Why You Should Visit Egypt

27th August 2010
Egypt has a wonderful story to itself. It first appears in the bible in the book of exodus as the country where the Israelites really suffered before they were set free to go and settle in Canaan by Moses from King Pharaoh. Egypt is the land of great king... Read >
Author: adventure africa expedition

God controls the weather and there is no climate change

19th May 2009
The tells us at Job 37:3-13 that God controls the wind, heat, cold, clouds, sun, rain, lightening, thunder, snow, ice, and tempests. There is no passage in the Scriptures that says or implies that God gave up control of the weather to humans in the Old or... Read >
Author: Mark Replogle

Kenya: The Ark Of The Covenant Will Not Be Translocated Back To Israel

08th May 2008
The revelations that the ark of the covenant is in Kenya has sparked off debate on whether or not the it should be translocated back to the country of origin, Israel. All references in the Holy Scriptures show that the Ark was handed over to Moses and hen... Read >
Author: nguyo safaris

Hannah's Faith

19th February 2008
Hannah is the mother of one of the greatest prophet ever. Hannah is also an extraordinary woman that she is one of the few people whose name written in the Bible as someone who is remembered by God (other than Noah, Abraham, Cornelius, etc). Here we want ... Read >
Author: Bethany sydney

Burzahom and Origin of Kashmiris

14th January 2007
There are many theories about the origin of Kashmiris. It is one of the most mysterious and exciting topics. Some say we are descendants of Aryans who came from Central Asia. There is a fantastic theory which says that we may be part of the lost tribes of... Read >
Author: M.Ashraf
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