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Wedding Guest Book Activities

03rd June 2013
Traditional brides do not need traditional guest books. Certainly you may buy a regular guest book and have your guests to signal it, but there are numerous more visitor book - like activities that are more unique. Let's go in the well-known to the les... Read >
Author: josandler

Biorb Aquarium - Learn About Them Here

14th February 2011
If you want an aquarium which is easy to setup and simple to maintain then the BiOrb or BiUbe range of strong plexiglas acrylic aquaria are worth considering. Everything you need arrives in the box. They come with everything that you need to quickly a... Read >
Author: John A Thomson

Thinking Of Buying A Biorb Aquarium - Read This First

14th February 2011
If you don't have the time to gather together all of the equipment that you need to setup a standard home or office aquarium or if you are a beginner aquarist and you need aquarium setup to be straightforward or perhaps you don't want to spend hours every... Read >
Author: John A Thomson

Is Your University Diploma Fading? Follow These 4 Tips to Reduce UV Damage

25th October 2010
Have you noticed that your University Diploma is beginning to fade? Look at the signatures! The culprit here is UV damage from sunlight and florescent lighting. The damaging effects from harmful UV rays can also harm your expensive artifacts like painting... Read >
Author: Scott Haskins

Indoor Waterfall and the Modern Living Space

05th August 2010
Following a long day, we look forward to relaxing, to relieve us from stress, and help us rejuvenate. Nowadays, you don't need to go very far to wind down. Now it's possible to unwind in your own home. Modern living no longer is about sleek one-touch appl... Read >
Author: harmonic143

Engraving Machine Uses: Deep Engraving in Stainless Steel

05th July 2010
A heavy duty engraving machine produces accurate, repeatable, cost-effective work in considerably less time than it takes to do the same work by hand. An engraving machine can handle applications such as milling, drilling, contouring, routing and engravin... Read >
Author: visionengravers

Soundproof window plugs with Dr.Bob

02nd April 2008
Windows that just don't have the sound blocking ability of drywall or other wallboards many times cause soundproofing issues and therefore the window becomes the proverbial weak link in the soundproofing chain chain. What do you do if you have lots of sou... Read >
Author: Dr.BobO
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