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Integrating a Senior Medical Alert System with Exercises to Help Prevent Falls

01st November 2012
While the use of a senior medical alert can be instrumental in preventing accidental falls among seniors, there is nothing more effective in falls prevention that helping the senior stay as physically fit as possible. Contrary to what may seem obvious, se... Read >
Author: Stefanie Jeanne

10 Different Types of Office Chairs

12th April 2011
Office chairs have become a necessity of life. There are many different kinds - some for leisure, some for working and some for a particular job or task. There are even a wide variety of office chairs. Below are ten types of office chairs, but even severa... Read >
Author: Tom Harel

The Best Meditation Chairs Available

27th April 2009
First, let's understand what meditation is and how it is defined. Meditation is a mental discipline in which one attempts to get their mind into a deeper state of relaxation and awareness. Meditation involves placing your attention to one point of referen... Read >
Author: C. Pierce
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