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Treatment of stomach acid reflux, heartburn and esophageal catarrh

11th April 2011
What can be done without drugs? Are you able to change any of the things that increase the tendency for Acid reflux? This applies in particular to: * Avoid fatty and very large meals and meal just before bedtime. * If you are overweight, try t... Read >
Author: Obadiea

Top Ten Signs You've Had Too Much Coffee

09th February 2010
Some think you can never get too much of a good thing, but if any of these signs apply to you, there's a good chance you've had too much coffee. If three or more apply to you, be very concerned. If five or more of these apply to you, it may be too late to... Read >
Author: Rob Pennington

Ethiopian Coffee: The Original Coffee

25th September 2009
Ethiopia is widely regarded as the birthplace of human coffee consumption. Thriving in its natural environment, Ethiopian coffee is harvested primarily even today from wild trees or small garden plots. Ethiopia produces two well known premium Arabica coff... Read >
Author: Joe Jefferson

Economics of Coffee

08th March 2007
The coffee economics and numbers and details related to coffee production and consumption is extremely mesmerizing for marketers. A glimpse of some of the facts is given below - Coffee consumption in North America and Europe comes to about one third of th... Read >
Author: coffeecity
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