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All You Need To Know About The American Black Bear

02nd February 2010
The American black bear is one of three North American bear species. They are the smallest of these native bears, but they are still extremely powerful and dangerous if provoked. The sharp, non- retractable claws on the paws of the black bear provides... Read >
Author: Paul

The Best Bear Names to Choose

26th August 2008
Winnie the Pooh is perhaps the most well known of all bear names. Although this was the name of a genuine black bear it is now used to refer to a cuddly yellow bear dressed in a red shirt. Another famous name is Yogi Bear made popular by the cartoons of t... Read >
Author: Ling Tong

The Valle Vidal: Fly-Fishing New Mexico's Yellowstone

03rd October 2006
By Lance Cherry Crosshairs for Christ http://www.crosshairsforchrist.com VALLE VIDAL– If you find yourself fly-fishing near a herd of monster bull elk, pristine grassy meadows, towering mountain peaks and meandering streams, you'll start to think you... Read >
Author: Lance Cherry

Why Eating Berries Is Good For You

21st February 2006
Long before winter comes, black bears in the forest spend all their time eating everything they can sink their teeth into. During the summer, bears eat and eat and eat, trying to get as fat as they possibly can, and when the weather turns cold, they l... Read >
Author: Royane Real
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