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How to Choose Your First Guitar?

14th May 2012
Your very own first guitar is a special instrument which probably stays with you for life. How to choose your first guitar however can be an overwhelming experience and for this reason aspiring guitarists are often advised to do some research before decid... Read >
Author: nuttall90

Gibson Les Paul Models

17th January 2012
The 1940s and 1950s were the golden age of electric guitar design. During this era, the legendary Gibson Les Paul line of electric guitars made its debut. Like so many other innovative products throughout history, the development of the Les Paul line was ... Read >
Author: Kevin Mike

The effect timber imparts tone

24th August 2011
The majority of people assume that it's all about your pickups if discussing tonal superiority and to a certain degree thatís quite likely true but the raw wood your guitar is manufactured out of without doubt plays a part. This post covers the tone woods... Read >
Author: Steven Dean

Tips For A Home Recording Studio

12th July 2011
Putting together your first home recording studio? The possible array of brands and types of microphones can be daunting. There are a couple of things to take into account when making a choice. Basically there are two kinds - dynamic and condenser. One of... Read >
Author: Howard Fine

The Guitar: Its History and Construction

08th July 2010
The guitar is one of the most familiar and common instruments the world over. It is descended from other stringed instruments that were common in Greece, in India, in Mexico and in Africa - in fact, throughout the known world. It's descended from such ins... Read >
Author: Albert Reid

Should Your Learn Acoustic Guitar Or Electric First?

12th February 2010
So, you've decided you like to learn to play the guitar. One of the most common questions people have is "Should I learn to play acoustic guitar first, or electric?". There really isn't a solid answer to that. There are pluses for either. Let's take a loo... Read >
Author: Adeana

Learn to Play the Electric Violin

16th June 2009
You can learn to play the Electric violin. It has a great style and produces a phenomenal sound to inspire great performances. Technically speaking, any violin that happens to be equipped with an electronic output is considered to be an electric violin. M... Read >
Author: Hailey Alton

Adjusting guitar action

13th May 2009
Setting up a guitar is one of the most important things that you can do. This will make your instrument play and sound better. Setting up a guitar, or any fretted stringed instrument, requires many interrelated adjustments. Acoustic and electric guitars h... Read >
Author: timoteus

Buyers Guide Part 3: Guitar Size Selection Guidelines

09th April 2009
In general the optimal size is always a compromise between comfort and sound quality and stability. The smaller the guitar body is the more dificult it would be to get a good sounding low tones. The shorter the scale is the more tricky it is to get a ... Read >
Author: pezman077

Musical instruments of peru

02nd March 2009
Thanks to recent archaeological discoveries of musical instruments, we know that in Peru the music goes back at least 10,000 years old. From this came the long tradition quenas the zampo√Īas the pututos (trumpets shells) and a variety of wind instrumen... Read >
Author: Freshoutsourcing

Learn About Various Guitar Music Styles, Including; Rock, Country, Blues and Christian Music.

04th June 2006
Guitar music is available in a wide variety of styles. Not only are there a large number of different types of guitars, but there are a variety of methods to play them, making guitar music most versatile. Most guitar music is played on either a solid b... Read >
Author: Jake Hanson
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